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According to reports created by the World Health Organization and National Institute of Hygiene in 2012 we clearly see that Poles most often die from cardiovascular disease. Although mortality from myocardial ischemia or infarction decreased, there is a growing trend for other diseases, for example heart failure. I should also mention txhat adults Poles are more likely to have cardiovascular disease than their peers in Western Europe. (1)

In turn, in 2013 during the XI edition of the nationwide preventive and educational campaign “Servier for the heart”, which was held under the slogan “Heart failure – sometimes slower is effectively” experts presented research that showed that Poles have such problems much earlier , because almost half of them are 65 years old. In contrast, 65% of our European neighbours suffer until retirement age. In addition, 62% of Polish patients have cardiovascular disease which is very advanced, so every little effort causes extreme fatigue and difficulty. What is more, it is thought that Poles often do not comply with the doctors’ recommendations.They forget about medicaments or control check ups, which results in subsequent complications.

Prof. Jaroslaw Drożdż who works at cardiology clinic in Medical University indicated that 70% of Poles who have intensified heart failure must be hospitalizing at least once a year, when on average in Europe, 63% of patients are treated ambulatory. However, he guaranteed that “the effects of heart failure can be reduced when it will be early detected and when we quickly begin the treatment.” (2)

When people think they have cardiovascular disease, usually at first they go to the family doctor to examine the state of the heart. And here comes the problem. Some medical facilities are not equipped with ECG devices and family doctors prescribe a referral to a cardiologist. Unfortunately, patients wait even three months (!) until they are diagnosed. However, if the ECG device is on the spot, in facility, it can happen that during the examination the patient has no incidents and nothing will indicate to the fact that he is sick.

MedGo suggests family doctors proven solution to help patients learn about the actual state of their heart and the medical facility will gain real financial benefit. Owing to MedGo Cloud family doctor will be able to perform an ECG on the spot (they will receive diagnosis with descriptions from our specialists within 15min) or to borrows an ECG device to the patient home. Then, each incident will be recorded and after a week it will be clear whether a person has cardiovascular disease or not.

The monthly service fee is 249zł, but the entire amount will be reimbursed and even medical facility will gain benefit from this. The family doctor has on average 3,000 patients. If in Poland on ischemic heart disease fall annually about 100-120 thousand people, on heart attack about 80-100 thousand, hypertension affects around 8.8 million people, so on average every fourth Pole would want to examine himself with his GP.
If only the family doctor will use the services of MedGo Cloud, he would not have to send the patient to a specialist, will perform an ECG on the spot, and in addition will have remote access to examinations results, visits calendar and videoconsultations with specialists.

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1. National Institute of Public Health-National Department of Health, 2012; POLISH POPULATION HEALTH STATUS AND CONDITIONS