Interview with Robert Ferenc – Director of Sports Medicine Center

Medgo: In 2013 Sports Medicine Center was a laureate during Pearl’s Medicine. Can you say something about it?
Director Robert Ferenc: Three years ago we were third at Monospecialists Hospitals category, but year ago we got gold at Medical institution, rehabilitation and long-term curing. This is a really important commendation for us, especially because Pearl’s Medicine are the only one mattered competition which rates institution’s achivements on hard Polish market. To be awarded it is need to have documented respectable accomplishments. Many hospitals and medical institutions take part in this competition. The main award is Escalup’s Pearl – symbol of professionalism and honesty. The award is a confirmation that every movements are proper. We are really glad that we got the statuette in 2013. To build a hospital with high reputation through patients and to make this kind of place “brand” is not so easy. Sports Medicine Center set for the highest standards. Quality of treatment is the most important thing for us. We offer for our patients the best and the most innovative stuff which will help them to recover. Pearl’s Medicine are confirmation for us that we chose good way of development.

MedGo: Who can go to Sports Medicine Center for treatment? Sportsman or amateurs also?
Director Robert Ferenc: Both for sportsman and amateurs, for those who just love sport. Generally sport associate with health but also with injuries. In SMC we have orthopedic clinic where orthopedists, traumathologists and sports medicine specialists who take care of patients – diagnose and treat their injuries preservative and operationally. Very important is support from specialists from other specializations. That is why we constantly try to widen our offer for patients. We are the institution for everyone no matter whether someone is training professionally, amateur or only likes to watch struggling sportsman on TV. SMC is placed on Wawelska 5 Street in Warsaw – place which is connected for years with sports medicine. Our doctors were responsible for medical care at many Olympics Games (summer’s and winter’s). We use their experience at sports medicine – one from the most universal specialization to give people a chance to get back to proper health, no matter how big is their engagement at sport.

MedGo: Please, tell me something about Prepare to season at SMC. Is it option for everyone as well?
Director Robert Ferenc: This product was created for those who want to prepare themselves properly for winter season. Each year offer is aimed at snowboarders, skiers, lovers of cross-country skis and every other activities which can be practiced in winter. In skiing, but also in other sports especially those in which we can move really fast, we should be humble and reasonable. Optimal preparing should start 6 weeks before winter season. Their length and intensity depends on our lifestyle. Our physiotherapist will give appropriate information about length of training but what is the most important – which kind of exercises are the best for us to strengthen and toughen muscles, tendons and ligaments. For forgetful and overworked we prepared special YouTube channel with series of short, instructional exercises to remind about correctness of doing each exercise. What is more, we convince everybody to use telerehabilitation. Thanks to it we have everyday contact with chosen physiotherapist and possibility to increase the intensity of exercises. In this way we can prepare themselves in comfortable way by choosing hours which suits us the most. The offer is universal because season for jogging or cycling always lasts. Everybody interested can come to SMC or practice at home with telerehabilitation. Prophylactic is the most important.

MedGo: Do you use traditional ways of treatment or do you put on new technologies?
Director Robert Ferenc: Our rule is to develop constantly and to raise quality of our services. Important element of our quality policy is searching for new kinds of solutions, widen offered medical services. Every action we make is concentrated at development in different levels. We are the institution which stand up on innovations. This gives us dominance above concurrency. Sports Medical Center is multiprofile. We combine rehabilitation, diagnostics and prevention what gives our patient bigger chances to get back to proper health. Our doctors taking part at conferences all over the world pass worldwide solutions on to our medical market. In research and clinical trials area we are doing operations using new methods and stuff which are not registered yet but they will be standard in the near future. We are contacting with scientific centers from all over the world. That is why we dispose new methods of treatment and rehabilitation.

MedGo: What kind of innovations do you have at SMC which makes you proud?
Director Robert Ferenc: SMC have implemented on Polish market crucial technology in surgery the knee joint. In 2009 in our clinic for the first time in Poland we performed the procedure to implant (ACTIFIT) replacing damaged meniscus of knee joint. Injuries of the meniscus are the most frequent factor which leads to progress of the osteoarthritis. Surgery consists in implanting, it is leading by endoscope – the least invasive way. Thanks to ACTIFIT implant, patients with the lack or damaged meniscus can prevent the evolution of disease or even changing knee joint to endoprosthesis. Surgery allow to get back to normal activity, including doing sports.
We also offer modern way of contusion treatment by using growth GPS-Recovery factors. This therapy consist in separation between patient’s blood and concentration of platelets. The concentrate is delivered to place where, for example tendon is injured. Thanks to this therapy we can stimulate in natural way the process of healing and regenerating of soft tissues. That is innovative way to heal contusions which appears most likely during exercising.

MedGo: Do you use low level laser therapy during rehabilitation?
Director Robert Ferenc: Physiotherapy is really important thing at SMC. Naturally occurring physical factors (solar radiation, temperature, water) and occurred by specialist devices (ultrasounds, laser, magnetic fields) are used to improve ours patients health. We are one from these institutions which can be proud of wide range of possibilities in that matter. Starting with laser therapy, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, electromagnetic field, magnetic field, ultrasounds, hydrotherapy, finishing with radiation field.

MedGo: What do you think at SMC about sportsman who exercise despite the fact that they are contused? Would you recommend to heal the contusion for a while or is it better to heal completely and then exercise?
Director Robert Ferenc: Injuries have to be treated comprehensively. There should not be done any interim actions which would relieve pain only but would not eliminate it’s source. Let’s focus on skiers. Most of injuries which happen to skiers are injury of knee joint, breaking or straining of cruciate ligament, cracking of meniscus. Orthopedists emphasize that in injuries healing the most important is time. The first thing which injured person should do is to go to the specialist and start treatment during the first 48 hours. It concerns every kind of injuries – qualified to surgery as well as to preservative treatment. In both cases rehabilitation is crucial. The standard at SMC is that we start rehabilitation few hours after surgery. Negligence at this point can lead to joint disability and other injuries in the future.

MedGo: Thank you for the conversation.