Inquiry no. 1/2014

By reason of realization Project “Support for the implementation of electronic business of the B2B type” in MedGo sp. z o. o. (contract for financing Project number UDA-POIG.08.02.00-14-045/14-00) cofinanced by European Regional Developement Found wherewithal as part of 8.2 Operational Porgramme „Innovative Economy”. MedGo Sp. z o. o. intives to make an offer to do an order.

I. Setting the subject of order
1. The subject of offer is creating the system prepared for MedGo Sp. Z o. o. which will be able to assure the company as well as the partners safe and stable flow of information and high-yield especially speed of transfer and data processing. Additionally the system has to enable the integration with commonly used systems supporting management and has to enable implementation safe electronic signature in the circulation of medical documentation.Nowadays system should be automatized so that the circulation of medical documentation would be improved. The system should consist in modules which would be responsible for different processes between Partners and Applicant.
2. Proposed solution by bidder has to conform functionality and parameters specified in project documentation involving IT technology and the course of realization – Attachment no. 1
3. Lead time: 15.09.2015r
4. Criteria of selection: price – 100%

II. Terms of taking part in proceedings:
Only these bidder can apply for order:
1. They have required authorization to make an order.
2. They have necessary knowledge and experience and dispose technical potential to make an order.
3. They are in economical and financial situation which will ensure making an order.

III. Place and term of applying offers:
1. An offer should be delivered to: Gwiaździsta 71 Street, 01-651 Warsaw or sent via mail on:
2. A strict deadline is to 25.07.2014. If an offer is sent by traditional courier service – date of delivery to the business premises is respected.
3. Offers applied after the term will not be considered.
4. Offers rating will take place in orderer’s business premises.

IV. The way of creating an offer:
1. Every bidder can submit an offer only once.
2. An offer should be make out on application form which model is in Attachment no. 2 or attach offer form to submitted offer.
3. An offer have to be wrote in Polish and signed by authorized person to represent the bidder.
4. An offer have to include, gross price, net price, VAT tax for realization the subject of the order according to contract.
5. An offer have to have company’s stamp, date of making, address or bidder’s business premises, phone number, e-mail address, NIP number.
6. An offer need to be valid at least for 30 days, counting since deadline for applying offers.
7. To offer have to be enclosed statement which confirm owning necessary knowledge,experience and dispose technical potential to make an order (Attachment no. 3). Statement have to be signed by authorized person who represent the bidder and having company’s stamp.
8. To offer have to be enclosed statement which confirm bidder’s economical and financial situation ensuring making an offer ( Attachment no. 4). Statement have to include information about the bidder such as:
– he is not endangered by bankruptcy, he is not liquidating or he is not a bankrupt
-he is not behind with payments for state Treasury
Statement have to be signed by authorized person who represent the bidder and having company’s stamp.
9. Costs of preparation the offer involves the Bidder.

1. Orderer will grant these offers which conform every requirements presented in inquiry and introduce the most profitable offer based on criterion of choice defined in inquiry.
2. In reasonable cases Orderer allows cancellation of the proceeding
3. Orderer reserves possibility to end the proceeding without choosing the Contractor and without giving the reason
4. During offer’s research and review,Offerer can demand from the Bidders explanation involving offer’s content.
5. The Bidder can withdraw or change theirs offer before dealine.
6.Offers set after deadline will not be considered.
7. Offers which will not have formal requirements, contained in inquiry – will not be considered.
8. The Bidder can not make a partial offer.