Implementation of remote cardiac diagnostics

Let’s find out how does the work on the implementation of telemedicine solutions look like? Emilia Marczak, account manager in MedGo, responsible for cooperation with medical and personal customers, answers the questions that every doctor skeptical about telemedicine would ask. We are confident that Emilia will dispel your doubts. Have a good read.


1) What is the procedure to implement remote cardiac diagnostics in a medical facility?
The procedure for the implementation of telemedicine services starts from the knowledge of the real needs of Doctor/Facility and show how to achieve them. Then we select the detailed scope of services to be provided and set the details for the implementation of the system and equipment selection. Doctor/Facility has the opportunity to work on ready-made MedGo solutions or we prepare together the service, which is associated with modifications of the system and specific equipment for the customer. The next step is to start the service on individually created account for Doctor/Facility on the platform and conduct internal testing. After testing phase follows the training of personnel and the transfer of all accesses and devices. The procedure is considered as completed and Doctor/Facility can provide the service and get the benefits.
2)  Do you train medical facilities before they benefit from the MedGo?
Of course, in each case, training is necessary as entiles the implementation of telemedicine system in the facility and the introduction of modern equipment. Every employee from medical personnel have accesses to MedGo platform through which services are provided, and therefore they must be trained how to use the platform by MedGo devices. Training is a pleasant duty, as it is held in the stress-free atmosphere. The main advantages of Medgo platform and devices are simplicity and intuitiveness in using.
3) How long does it take to implement eDescription?
Implementation time depends entirely on the individual customer requirements. If the cooperation is based on ready-made solutions – the time needed to create access to the platform MedGo, orders and device configuration, testing and training closes in 7 working days. Or when the service is specially modified for the needs of the customer, this period may be extended to 14 days, depending on the duration of the work of specialists and time of system testing until the effect will be most rewarding.
4) What are the benefits of joining the co-operation of MedGo?
Cooperation with MedGo brings only benefits. The main one is the prestige of becoming a partner of telemedicine leader in Poland. We provide to each contractor technical and marketing support. Using modern telemedicine solutions enhances the competitiveness of the institution and extends the reach of its activities on commercial services, which can now reap the most profits. Doctors can increase their competence by adding services from other specialties for their patients and all medical responsibility bears MedGo. Patients prefer to be attached to a single institution in which they are provided all specialist care than to be condemned to travel from one facility to another. For both, the Doctor and the Patient, MedGo solutions are time-saving as ECG method eDescription is done quickly, and it greatly improves the work of staff and reduces the queue.
5) What doubts have medical facilities before implementation? 
For most institutions telemedicine is a tough topic. Mainly, the medical staff has doubts. The major barrier is the distance to the new technologies and the reluctance to learning and knowing how to use innovative solutions in medicine. The staff is accustomed to his long-time job and everything strange and new seems to be a problem. Also a low level of knowledge of IT creates a barrier in the middle personnel in Poland. I have to always deal with it during the training. Significant is also the question, who takes the responsibility for new tasks among staff. Everybody is reluctant to take them. Implementation of telemedicine solutions initiates changes in work of every institution and it is normal that among the staff there are doubts, questions and objections. But we know the way how to remedy this.
6) So, how do you deal with objections?
The best way to overcome objections is to show the experience of institutions and patients who already use eDescription and our own experience. A lot of objections also breaks during the training, because by then the staff sees that the platform support and medical devices is intuitive and less time-consuming and the examinations goes smoothly and quickly. It is worth to show the new client how it looks like in other institutions and that the service is working properly and gives real results. Many institutions faced with the same dilemma when they were choosing this kind of service, that is why we have ready answers to questions and knowledge how to prevent the problems that could arise during implementation. We always guarantee technical support in every situation. You can contact us to get the necessary help whenever you need to.
7) Is it difficult to convince a physician using traditional methods of treatment for telemedicine solutions?
Telemedicine, although in Poland is growing rapidly, is still not convincing for most of – about its capabilities and reliability. There is also the fear that telemedicine can soon replace the doctors and they will be unemployed. The problem is that the idea of ​​telemedicine is not a expulsion of doctors, but help and development of their capabilities. MedGo meets the barriers halfway and despite the fact that doctors are unconvinced we propose them to use our services during a pilot project. Then our customers can check out our solutions. The doctor has the opportunity to apply in practice telemedicine services in facility and acquire experience which confirms that the result of the implementation of eDescription brings positive effects for the institution and not only financial. So, we encourage doctors to participate in test implementations as a first step to modernize and improve the competitiveness of their facility.
8) Do the patients can be assured of their personal data and test results?
The protection of personal data is regulated in the cooperation agreements signed by the institution acceding to the project and MedGo. MedGo meets the conditions of lawfulness during the processing of personal data in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data Act of 29 August 1997., and the same MedGo requires of its partners. Furthermore, in accordance to this Act MedGo’s absolute obligation is to deliver services in a way that prevents Information about the personal data and medical patients using the MedGo platform, when we get such informations and data during the implemenatation (connected with the implement service) – we have to keep them in secret. As a proof of this, in December 2013, MedGo passed Inspector General audit. Therefore, patients who use eDescription can be confident that their personal data and test results are carefully protected.
9) Who need the most eDescription service and why? 
eDescription service was created for people with cardiac problems that are difficult to diagnose in the conditions available for the patient. Long distances to medical facilities, lack of medical specialists and insufficient equipment in facilities are barriers to the rapid diagnosis of disorders and as a result – faster aid for the patient which is a priority. With the MedGo service we are able to continuously monitor the patient at home without the necessity to tedious commuting. On the other hand, eDescription is an excellent tool to make for Institutions that do not have cardiac clinics, family doctors and occupational doctors. With the implementation of eDescription widens the scope of commercial services and increases the number of patients and the profits are growing. For the patient, it is the ability to diagnose the state of the heart without having to go to distant facilities and waiting in long queues to examinate whether cardiac consultation, while for Doctors is a way of keeping patients at his facility without the need for referral to other clinics. This carries a financial perks and patient’s adherence to long-term use of the services in one facility. Therefore eDescription responds to the needs of both – the doctor and the patient.
10) Have you had a chance to examine your heart by MedGo device?
Yes, more than once. If I want to convince people to MedGo solutions by practical knowledge I had to get to know them firsthand. For me, connecting with telemedicine at work was a completely new experience and I never would have thought that one day I could examine my heart in that way. In the era of growing medicine such knowledge is extremely valuable and makes me happy that I can transmit it to other people. I believe that thanks to solutions that MedGo implements, will soon manage to overcome all the time and geographical barriers between doctor and patient, which will certainly raise the standards of care in Poland.