Enlargement of the medical offert owing to telemedicine services

We are introducing you Easy Move Rehabilitation Clinic. Owing to the cooperation, we implemented telemedicine solutions which have been created with a view to make it easier to provide medical services to patients. What does clinic owner Ryszard Olszanowski think about telemedicine? Have a good read.

MedGo: What services are provided by Rehabilitation Clinic Easy Move?
R. Olszanowski: We provide complex classical rehabilitation treatments, for example: physiotherapy, manual therapy, physiotherapy and massages, as well as services which are performed with the participation of telemedicine solutions.

MedGo: To whom is your offer directed?
R. Olszanowski: Our services are directed not only to people who treat by classical rehabilitation, but also to those using telemedicine solutions. Special services are “Safe training” or “Back to form and figure” for Moms.

MedGo: How the idea of ​​using telemedicine solutios stemmed in Rehabilitation Clinic?
R. Olszanowski: I am a person who hit and accomplished the idea to implement the telemedicine program in Easy Move Rehabilitation Clinic. I must admit that I am a supporter of telemedicine and IT solutions in medicine. I have been related with healthcare for more than 30 years, as a person managing medical facilities. Telemedicine solutions attracted me because they are friendly to the patient, increase the comfort and safety of services, but most importantly, they give the patient health security. It should be noted that telemedicine is rapidly developed, which is confirmed by global trends and many reports.

MedGo: Which MedGo devices and telemedicine services can patients find in your offer?
R. Olszanowski: Amateur sports people are not completely sure what are the possibilities of their body cardiovascular functionality. It would be good, if they would not exceed the limits of endurance, because it is not safe for health. Tragic examples were recorded during marathons in Poland. In Rehabilitation Clinic they have a opportunity to control how their heart is working by using telemedicine devices – examination is done by remote ECG device. Our next program is “Safe weight loss”. Here, in addition to exercise, there is also diet, which puts additional strain on the body. Taking care of yourself is really important, and we support such actions, but you have to remember about your health and heart control test, not to exceed the limits of what is capable of your heart and body. In addition, we offer the needy, including the elderly, the ability to make fast ECG in our Rehabilitation Clinic, possibly we can do a stress-free examination at patient’s home. In the event of feeling anxious or preliminary signs of cardiovascular failure, seniors will be confident if they have to go to the doctor or nothing bad happens to their heart, or may have been a one-off incident and there is no big threat to life. ECG results altogether with a diagnose and interpretation comes within about 30 minutes, even to the house, you do not have to wait few weeks. We also offer a “MedGo Care – Cardiac Care package” service and a “Peace of mind” if we want to care of an older family member by distance.

MedGo: What are the benefits which patients will get owing to telemedical solutions in Easy Move?
R. Olszanowski: Telemedicine solutions will increase patient’s safety, will enable them to provide safe exercises, especially those who physically strain body. Owing to these solutions patients will get  rapid, specific diagnosis after ECG examination. What is more, telemedicine is a way to reduce the cost of health services. In the near future, the market will comprise more solutions that improve the comfort and safety of the patients health.

MedGo: Do you think that the use of these devices is easy for healthcare staff?
R. Olszanowski: If telemedicine devices do not meet this condition, it just will not be applied. If the solution, or telemedical procedure is to be effectively implemented and applied, it necessarily must be easy to use and functional. If not, it will not be applied. Ease of use and functionality are the basic criteria that must be meet.

MedGo: What perks do you predict for Easy Move due to the enlargement of the medical offert owing to telemedicine services ?
R. Olszanowski: I am sure that these features will attract customers to the Rehabilitation Clinic. I hope that telemedicine will lower enough the costs of providing services that the price we propose Patients will be attractive and acceptable for them. Worth to pay for their own health safety or the safety of loved ones.

MedGo: Please tell us with regard to Easy Move, how to convince the medical facility to invest in next-generation technology?
R. Olszanowski: The main obstacle is to reach potential customers, to healthcare workers. You need to do a lot of PR work if you want to succeed. How to convince medical facility to use telemedicine solutions? I believe that they stand up for themselves, but the effects of their work are not known to the public. Especially in Poland knowledge about telemedicine solutions is rudimentary. Here is a lot of work to change the current state.

MedGo: How do you foresee as telemedicine will develop in Poland?
R. Olszanowski: Sure, as usual, with the troubles, but certainly faster than expected, anyone who observed the development of telemedicine in Poland. It seems that telemedicine will develop over the next 15-20 years, but I think that telemedicine solutions will be widespread in 5 years.

We invite you to familiarize with the Easy Move Rehabilitation Clinic offer on their website.