eDescription in dialysis station Fresenius:

  • Remote ECG specifications were tested in 3 institutions: in Otwock (25.02.2014), Wołomin (04.03.2014), Kraśnik (05.04.2014) and in every place took 3 months long. Dialysis stations use our service since today.
  • Every institution was equipped with 1 Eho Mini device, access to MedGo platform with own user account, staff training, electrodes for making examinations, all information stuff, instructions for devices and the system and programs to preview making ECG examinations.

Summary after 3 months:

  • eDescription in the only one solution which can lead to financial profit beside small upkeep costs and possibility to earn additional income from renting ECG device for patients with cardiac problems to use at home.
  • Comparing with nowadays model for making ECG examinations, eSpecification gives result immediately with doctor’s prescription.
  • Institution disposes modern, handy and mobile devices which are easy to use and allow improvement the diagnosis without sending patients for visit in another visit.
  • Institution gets innovative system to realize services which improves staff’s work and at the same time order patient’s and examination’s base in one place with remote access in every time.