Contact lenses for diabetics

Nowadays diabetes is the most popular disease and is qualified as a civilization disease. This affliction requires regular checking the glucose level in blood. It could be burdensome whenever the sick is outside. Examinations leading by Google can improve blood sugar monitoring. In few years on our market can appear contact lenses which will simplify monitoring diabetic’s blood sugar. Nanoparticles located in hydrogel contact lenses will cause new quality of life. They are reacting with glucose’s molecules contained in tears and by changing color of lenses they inform that patient has too low or too high level of sugar. Diabetic will only need to wear lenses and have a mirror with him. Lenses user would react immediately without necessity to do additional blood examination by glucometer. The only one disadvantage is care about lenses. Of course it is not a complicated process what is known by users of usual lenses.
Research is still continuing and we need to wait for the final effect. But it is a milestone for diabetics – their comfort and effectiveness of disease control so it is worth waiting. What is more, doctor Jun Hu specialized at organic chemistry is working on application in cooperation with Akron University. It would evaluate blood sugar level by taking photos of patient’s eyes. These two solutions will facilitate controlling of blood sugar.