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Latest technology for elderly people

Latest technology for elderly people

Doctors, guardians and members of family more often use new technologies while carrying elderly people. One from the solutions which are we going to use to improve elders security is wearable technology – clothes or accessories which contains technical gadgets.
One target audience would be people with Alzheimer who can easily get lost because of memory impairment. It is planned to create special bracelets which would allow localizing users. Relatives or guardians could have an opportunity to check not only the whereabouts of wards but also if they are moving or not or may be they are lying. Ability to find out elder’s position is really important. May be information that person is lying in a bed is not so essential but message that elder is lying on the floor in the bathroom could be helpful.
It is also considered to produce clothes which could control moves in similar way.
In contrast, in Australia is led research on the belt which could imitate devices for dialysis. Patients would not have to stop to do blood purification process. They could move from place to place easily.
And as we return again to devices which allow localizing lost people – interesting option is that guardians could get information whenever elder crosses the “safe zone”, when he would be too far from home. It would allow calling for help and returning elders to place where they would be safe.

Lasers at gynecology

Lasers at gynecology

Lasers are increasingly used in various fields of medicine, including gynecology. They become irreplaceable in many threatments.
We invite to familiarize yourself with devices manufactured by CTL LaserInstruments and their use in gynecology.

Doris CTL 1106MX laser is a device of the highest quality, reliability and the latest technology. It was designed by a team of experienced engineers and specialists. It is designed for efficient, percutaneous, non-invasive biostymulated treatments. With optimally chosen parameters and the wide range of treatments aplicators, therapy among others inflammations and gynecology wounds is very efective. It helps in the treatment of: erosion of the cervix, lymphedema after mastectomy, radiotherapy burns, incised wound abscesses, purulent inflammation of the breast, inflammation of the appendages, vaginitis, inflammation of Bartholin’s gland. Great deal with scars, lichen, eczema, sores postoperative, cirrhosis of the vulva, genital herpes, ulcers, wounds after cesarean. Helps with hematomas formed after episiotomy suture, wound healing after electronisation surgery and kriokonizacji, healing after gynecological operations, expanding perineal wound after surgery, prepares to stitch the wounds expanding, keeps channels shunting in surgical wounds, surgical wounds prophylactically irradiated at risk (diabetes, anemia).

Doris Plus CTL 1551 laser is a modern device for minimally invasive inside the organ controlled coagulation and vaporization of tissue. This device has a unique range of applications in microsurgery procedures by contact, even in hard to reach places. It is equipped with a flexible thin quartz fiber with a wide choice of surgical handpiece. Suitable for endoscopic procedures. Its unique versatility makes this laser is becoming an indispensable tool in any office.

Doris Plus allows you to perform surgeries with extraordinary precision, it also allows the treatment of vascular lesions. In gynecology, the laser is used for treatment of diseases of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, uterus and diseases of the genital tract and treatment of abnormal bleeding and painful.

Disorders of the ovaries and fallopian tubes:

Cauterization of the ovaries
The cuts the fallopian tube in the case of ectopic pregnancy
Intersection of tubo-peritoneal adhesions
Cancer of the ovary and fallopian tubes
Ovarian torsion
Ovarian cysts

Disorders of the uterus and reproductive tract:

Evaporation lesions of cervical dysplasia, vaginal, vulva
Evaporation and excision of genital warts
The removal of uterine fibroids by thermotherapy
Excision of cysts and uterine fibroids

Treatment of irregular and painful bleeding:

The removal of the endometrium by thermotherapy
Liquidation of endometriosis within the vagina, anus
Cutting the utero-sacral ligaments

Azuryt CTL 1401 laser is used for non-contact, high-precision surgical procedures including cutting, coagulation, and vaporization of soft tissue clean operating field. Coagulates small blood vessels and lymphatic vessels in the area of the treatment and the nerve endings, which ensures proper homeostasis, reduces swelling and pain. Laser Azurite can be equipped with a colposcope and micromanipulator becoming a precise microsurgical tool in gynecology.

This device allows for precise surgical operations, minimize postoperative swelling and accelerates wounds healing. It is used in diseases of the genital tract and external genitalia; Cervical diseases; surgery of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Disorders of the reproductive tract and external genitalia:

Dysplasia in the vicinity of the uterus, vagina and vulva
Sweat adenoma of the vulva
Adenomas of the vulva
Genital warts of the vulva and vagina
Vulvar Cancer Vulvar Cysts
Viral genital warts

Cervical diseases:

Cervical Cysts
Cervical conization
Cervical erosions
Plastic surgery of the cervical
Cervical Cancer endothelial

Surgery of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes:

Ablation of fibroids and uterine fibroids
The intersection of nerve cross-uterine
The intersection of the cruciate ligaments of the uterus
Ovarian cysts
The removal of endometriosis and adhesions
Removal of adhesions in the uterine cavity and uterine septum
hydrocele fallopian
Production of the new mouth of the fallopian tube in the wall of the uterus
Patency of the fallopian tube disorder

CTL 3750 colposcope specialized studies intended for the prophylaxis and diagnosis of cancer of the cervix. Colposcopy allows the assessment of epithelial and vascular drawing cervical disc. The device integrated with the micromanipulator and CO laser enables realization of surgery on the cervix. With the advanced technology of excellent quality resulting image allows for precise execution of surgical procedure. You can join a set of photographic equipment.

Modern and user-friendly design, easy integration with treatment micromanipulator and CO2 laser, and excellent image quality make this unit becomes indispensable in the diagnosis and gynecological surgery.

Diagnostic use:

Genital warts and genital warts
Dysplasias human papilloma virus infections
Squamous epithelium Score
Squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix
Precancerous lesions and atypical changes
Drawing allows the assessment of cervical disc vascular

Gynecological Surgery:

Genital Warts
Cervical conization
Squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix
Cysts Nabotha

Remote ECG description for family doctors

Remote ECG description for family doctors

Acquaint with our e-description offer. It is a profitable solution especially for family doctors because of modifications in National Health Service which will be implement in the near future. Family doctor’s competences and possibilities will grow in many cases they will replace specialists. NHS will pay for every patient who will be treated by family doctor instead of specialist and for the diagnosis.
Making a diagnosis for patient with severe circulatory problems or heart disease requires professional ECG examination with a description. MedGo services provide possibility for family doctors to do such examination.
Proposed e-descriprion is a guarantee for family doctor that he can make a specialist diagnose thanks to ECG device and professional description. That doctor gains more patients and at the same time he has better income. It can generate profit not only by grants from NHS but also by charging fees from patients for ECG examinations.
Detailed offer:
1. Monthly subscription – 199zł + 23% VAT
2. Subscription consists – 8 remote ECG examinations and ECG device Event Holter rented for free
3. Every examination beside the subscription costs 19zł (without VAT)
Advantages for doctors:
1. The doctor do 8 examinations per month and he charges from patient 50zł (without VAT)
income: 8 x 50zł (without VAT) = 400zł
2. Monthly doctor pays 199zł (without VAT) for subscription
3. Counting out costs:
400zł (without VAT) – 199zł (without VAT) = 201zł (without VAT)
4. Monthly income for 8 ECG examinations the doctor gets 200zł + additional profits from NHS from every patient that doctor takes care and diagnosis.

Google Glass and telemedicine

Google Glass and telemedicine

Rhode Island Hospital on Friday began testing Google Glass to live stream video images so that remote specialists can assist in diagnosing emergency room conditions.
The Google Glass foray into hospitals marks a first of its kind, according to the report in the Providence Journal.
Hospital staff there begun the 6-month trial with ambitions that, if successful, ambulance crews and other personnel could be equipped to pipe in live video and audio that could assist with early intervention, saying it could be particularly useful in the quick treatment of stroke victims.
Rhode Island Hospital is just the latest to use technology to send video to remote specialists who could alter medical outcomes by reducing diagnostic time. Last year, robots rolled into California hospitals allowing specialist doctors to quickly make remote visits in the emergency room.
iRobot, maker of the popular Roomba vacuum cleaner, partnered with InTouch Health to unleash a robot named RP-VITA, which is used by hospitals near Sacramento to allow remote-controlled visits from its stroke specialist. The Mercy San Juan Medical Center there says the program is reducing complications from strokes by speeding treatment times, a crucial element to minimizing damage.
In both the Rhode Island Hospital and California’s Mercy San Juan Medical Center, neurologists could use video imagery to decide if a critical clot-busting drug, ideally administered within the first 30 minutes of onset, should be used.
“That would be like the Holy Grail,” Dr. Paul Porter told the newspaper. “But we’re just at the beginning; you have to start somewhere.”
These intravenously delivered drugs, known as tissue plasminogen activators, can restore blood flow to speed recovery with less trauma to the brain. Doctors in the specialist field say this is an important advancement in improving the “door-to-needle time” in the profession.
Rhode Island Hospital’s initial tests will be limited to dermatology cases such as skin rashes and other related afflictions in the emergency room by those who consent to participation in the pilot program.
The version of Google Glass used in the hospital had to be specially configured to comply with federal privacy laws. Rhode Island Hospital enlisted the help of Texas startup Pristine, which stripped out the ability to connect to the Internet or store video and audio. Instead, it offers only live audio and video that’s sent encrypted.
A specialist watching the information captured by Google Glass or that of the robots in California can use tablet computers to view patients remotely and speak to those in the emergency room. Rhode Island Hospital begun the program with two sets of the special-purpose Google Glass units, a pair of tablet computers and software.

Start of cooperation with ZdrójMed

Start of cooperation with ZdrójMed

Our next partner, ZdrójMed, this is a modern facility, that provides comprehensive service such a specialist medical advice, nursing services, home care and rehabilitation. With the support of MedGo, ZdrójMed also launched a benefits in the field of telecare. The project TeleMed24 at which work with us allows you to provide the care and safety of more people. Moreover, this form of care allows patients to help them, no matter where they are.

ZdrójMED – a full range of telecare

ZdrójMED – a full range of telecare

Our new partner ZdrójMed is and innovative institution which provides services such as specialist doctor’s advice, nurse’s services, home care and rehabilitation. With MedGo’s assistance ZdrójMed also implemented telecare solutions.
TeleMed24 Project, in which we are working together, allows assuring care and security bigger amount of people. What is more, this kind of caring lets helping people whenever they are.

At home…

… you are provide by house telecare. It`s designed for the elderly and infirm, that despite the fact that their often require care when they are alone. They shall have delivered landline phone and remote control equipped with SOS button. In the event of thread or accident in the house, just press the emergency button. Relevant services are announced, information reaches it to family and neighbours.


… is recomended the mobile telecare. It`s addressed to wards, who lead in active lifestyle, they are often out of the house. This persons get a mobile phone with SOS button, or phone and bracelet with emergency button. As in the case of a home telecare, just press the emergency button, to announced help.

In addition, there is an geolocation option, which will immadiately locate the whereabout ward, in case that was not able to say where it is. Therefore this service is good, for people who have problems with memory and can easily get lost.


… regardless of which one is located, may be used in cardiocare. Portable device allowing to carry out the test at any time. This service is recommended for people with heart problems and cardiovascular disease. At the moment of feeling discomfort ward calls a doctor performs a test, the results are sent automatically to the specialist. The doctor informs the patient about the state of his heart, and says that he should take further steps. In the case of life-threatening is immediately sent an ambulance.

New partnership – Family Health Center

New partnership – Family Health Center

We has started cooperation with Family Health Center in Otwock where we implemented telecare solutions. Now patients from this institution have an access to home telecare, mobile telecare and cardiac care.
Home telecare
People, who stay alone at home and have problems with health and require care, will be equipped with life buttons. It will allow them to contact immediately with relatives and medical service in emergency.
Mobile telecare
Designed for elderly people or requiring care who often stay outside home. Allows connecting with relatives really fast.
Cardiac care
Designed for everyone who has problems their heart. Thanks to this device somebody can do and examination anywhere he is. Portable ECG device is really handy so you can bring it everywhere.
We are inviting every Otwock’s dweller to acquaint with detailed telecare offer at Family Health Center, Grunwaldzka 13 Street.

MedGo started a new function – eOpis

MedGo started a new function – eOpis

It is particulary beneficial for family doctors in the context of changes in health service, which will soon be introduced by the Minister Arłukowicz. The family doctors will increase their competences and capabilities and they will replacing specialists. NHF will pay for the each additional patient treated by family doctor rather than a specialist, and the diagnosis of a such patient.
Our proposed eOpis service warrants family doctor to perform the test equipment and professional description of MedGo specialist, which allows you to diagnose a patient with cardiac problems. This doctor is gaining more patients, thereby increasing its budget. He gains not only on grants from the National Health Fund, but also for collecting fees from patients fo additional service in his office or ECG.